Selected Recent/Upcoming Talks
My main research interests are:
Epistemology, History of Early Analytic Philosophy, and Philosophy of Mathematics/Logic.

I work on a number of aspects in epistemology: A priori knowledge, Foundational/Basic Knowledge, Modal conceptions on knowledge, Closure and other topics at the intersection of traditional and formal epistemology. I’ve recently become very interested in aspect of Bayesian Epistemology and decision theory.

My main interest in the History of Early Analytic Philosophy is the work of Gottlob Frege. Here I’m interested in his Logicism and most prominently the epistemological issues arising from his approach. Given my recent interest in Bayesian epistemology, I have also some interest in the work of Rudolph Carnap and Gustav Hempel.

In the philosophy of mathematics, I work on aspects of Neo-Logicism and Abstractionism more generally. This research overlaps with my interests in epistemology and in the history of early analytic philosophy, in particular the philosophy of Frege.

Translation Project:

From 2003-2013 I was working with Marcus Rossberg and Crispin Wright on the first full new translation of Frege’s Grundgesetze der Arithmetik. The book is now available through most bookstores.
More details about the project can be found here including everything required to typeset Frege’s Formulae using LaTeX, including the LaTeX style file, packages for Frege’s symbols (fge), and a software with an easy interface to create Begriffsschrift formulae.

Other interests in philosophy:
Other interests lie in the philosophy of risk and philosophy of sport. This interest overlaps partly with my interests in Bayesian Epistemology and decision theory. I have been collaborating with different authors (philosophers, statisticians, psychologists and Behavioural decision theorists) on papers involving risk taking in climbing, mountaineering -- a great case study for decision-making under uncertainty.